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site opened: november 21, 2012
owner: ashley

Everything on this site was made by myself except for: favicons, cursors. I do not own any pictures, but I have edited some of them.

Anonymous: You should try to make a network theme!

i do have a network theme!

Anonymous: could you make a theme with only 1 link, 1 column, and 3-5 sidebar pictures?

I will soon! I’m working on a paper thats worth 15% of my grade in English AND History so it’s my main priority right now haha xx

Anonymous: make more themes?

does anyone have any idea of what type of themes to make? Send them in if you do! 

Anonymous: whats the code for the sidebar in the theme teenage hearts? i want to add into another theme

that’s stealing. If you want to use it come off anon so I can make sure you give me credit. 

Anonymous: can you make some taylor swift icons?

just added some! Keep requesting what you want to see on the site(:

Theme: Network 1 | Live Preview - Code
Theme: Beautiful Mess | Live Preview - Code

Anonymous: how do you install a backround onto the tumblr theme?

click customize and on the gray bar to the left click “upload” next to “background” (:

Anonymous: I can't change my picture or my background anymore ?! Help me ?!

I can’t help if I don’t know which theme you’re using!

Anonymous: Could you make less themes with links and favorites please??!? (:

what do you mean? Like themes that have less links and less favorites? Or themes with no links and no favorites? sorry haha (: